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When the job calls for the right welding tool, make a stop at L&M Fleet Supply today and find what you need.

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  1. BernzOmatic Multi-Use Torch Head
    Worthington Cylinder BernzOmatic Multi-Use Torch Head
  2. BernzOmatic Refillable Butane Pocket Torch
    Worthington Cylinder BernzOmatic Refillable Butane Pocket Torch
  3. BernzOmatic Manual Pencil Flame Torch
    Worthington Cylinder BernzOmatic Manual Pencil Flame Torch
  4. BernzOmatic Brazing Torch Kit
    Worthington Cylinder BernzOmatic Brazing Torch Kit
  5. BernzOmatic Cordless Soldering Iron
    Worthington Cylinder BernzOmatic Cordless Soldering Iron
  6. BernzOmatic Detail Torch
    Worthington Cylinder BernzOmatic Detail Torch
  7. BernzOmatic Basic Torch Plumbing Kit
    Worthington Cylinder BernzOmatic Basic Torch Plumbing Kit
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Find Your New Welding Machine At L&M Today

We carry a variety of machinery and accessories that provide power, precision and high technical ability. Browse a selection of brands that include Hobart, Jasic Technologies, Metal Man Gear, Worthington Cylinder and so many more.

What Makes A Good Welding Machine?

There are several different types of welding machines, each with their own unique uses. For instance, MIG (metal inert gas) welders are one of the more popular options because of its reliable welding process that uses electricity to affect metal components. Two of the most popular MIG welding machines are the Hobart Handler® 125 and Razorweld VIPERMIG180i from Jasic Technologies.

There are other styles available, such as the Metal Man 140T Multi-Process Welder, that provide much more versatility. Enjoy MIG Welding, Flux Core Welding, DC Stick Welding and Scratch-Start DC TIG Welding, all in one package.

Those taking on smaller projects can look at a variety of trusty supplies from L&M, including the popular BernzOmatic Cordless Soldering Iron or the BernzOmatic Detail Torch.

Don’t Forget These Other Welding Essentials

Don’t risk messing up your big job – remember these other essential items to get it done the right way:


What accessories do I need for welding?

There are a few other things you may need – make sure to pick up a heat source, like this BernzOmatic Self Lighting Propane Multi-Use Torch Kit or a BernzOmatic Refillable Butane Pocket Torch. And bring along a replacement Multi-Use Torch Head.

Are propane torches safe? What else can I do to stay safe while welding?

Yes, propane torches are generally safe as long as they are not used around combustible objects or pointed at anyone. Other welding safety gear includes masks, gloves and jackets.