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Darkhouse Spearing

Darkhouse Spearing

When you’re getting ready for a thrilling spearfishing adventure, stock up on all the right gear at L&M Fleet Supply.

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Find A Variety of Dark Shelters & Spearfishing Equipment

From dark shelters to spears to bait and so much more, stock up at one of our 10 stores across the upper midwest or shop conveniently through our online store, and get ready to wrestle up some fish.

Spear More Pike This Season

Darkhouse spearing is the process of carving a large hole in the ice atop a frozen lake, placing a dark shelter over the hole and using a spear to nab fish as they pass by. Of course, you’ll need a few tools – pick up a spear to capture the fish, decoy for bait and darkhouse to stay concealed.

Advantages of Using a Fishing Spear vs. Fishing Pole

Traditional line fishing is a relaxing hobby that’s great for those who love the water. On the other hand, spear fishing is a dynamic activity, requiring you to rely on primal instincts, among other other challenges.


What time of year can I go darkhouse spearfishing?

In order to go darkhouse spearfishing, a frozen lake must have a minimum of four inches of ice. For most states, that means you are allowed to spearfish from mid-November to the last Sunday in February

Where are the best places to go darkhouse spearfishing?

The upper midwest claims most of the attention for pike spearing because of its temperatures. It’s also incredibly popular among ice fishermen of all types – find all of the ice fishing gear you need at L&M Fleet Supply.