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Fire Rings & Pits

Fire Rings & Pits

An outdoor fire pit is always a good addition to your outdoor space. At L&M Fleet Supply, we’re your backyard superstore, where you’ll find several items that you can cozy up to.

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  1. Solo Bonfire + Stand
    Solo Stove Solo Bonfire + Stand
  2. Red Mountain Valley LP Patio Heater
    Forcome - Ramps Red Mountain Valley LP Patio Heater
  3. Ame High Hand Made Fire Pit Pokers
    Ame High Ame High Hand Made Fire Pit Pokers
    As low as $29.99
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Get Cozy Around an Outdoor Fire Pit

The Hy-C Flame Genie Pellet Firepit is easy to start up and will bring a warming glow to your space. Style up your cabin with the Pleasant Hearth Forcome Campfire Ring. And, don’t forget the essentials – pick up an extra Coleman Lighter, a bag of GoFire Starters and an Ame High Hand Made Poker to make sure you’re always prepared for the next get together.

Fire Pit vs. Fire Ring

Fire pits and fire rings both offer a way to cozy up your space – but which option is best for your needs?

Here are the main considerations when choosing between a fire pit and fire ring:

  • Fire rings are a circular, above-ground option that can either be built-in to the patio, out of brick for example, or as a stand-alone option.
  • Fire pits are square shaped, but can also be dug into the ground so that you can have a larger fire while still keeping it contained.


Are there propane fire pits available?

Yes, there are many propane fire pits available, as well as wood-burning options, like this Stargazer Square Fire Pit.

Are fire pits portable or permanent?

Portable fire pits are more affordable and can be moved anywhere. Permanent fire pits may require professional construction due to the nature of their capabilities.