Safes & Accessories

Safes & Accessories

If you like the feeling of having extra security around the house, owning a firearm is a great way to protect you and your family from intruders. But when not in use, you should always make sure your firearms are locked up and kept out of the hands of others by storing them in a reliable gun safe.

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  1. Ridgeline 22 Gun Safe with Elock
    Ridgeline Ridgeline 22 Gun Safe with Elock
  2. Kodiak® 40 Gun Safe KSB7136EX-SO
    Rhino Safe Co. Kodiak® 40 Gun Safe KSB7136EX-SO
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Keep Your Guns Safe

Stop by L&M Fleet Supply and obtain the protection you and your family deserve with top brands like Rhino Safe Co. and Swisher Safes.

Type of Gun Safes

There are all types of gun safes, made for all types of purposes, from storing hunting gear to casual target shooting supplies to protective handguns and so much more. But there are several types to choose from:

  • Standing gun safes: These are taller and fit long-barreled guns like rifles or shotguns, and resemble a traditional safe like you’d see in a bank.
  • Pistol vaults: These are specially made for smaller handguns and often resemble a small, safe box.
  • Gun rack: Gun racks, like this Adjustable Deluxe model from Swisher, allows you to store long rifles in a secure bracket-type mechanism, and installs wherever you wish.

Gun Safe vs. Gun Cabinet

There are many different ways to secure your guns – two of the most popular options are gun safes or gun cabinets. Here are the main considerations when choosing a gun safe vs. a gun cabinet.

  • Do you have children or other residents at your house that could potentially gain access to your guns? A gun safe, with its thicker steel and a true locking mechanism will provide more security than a gun cabinet which is made of thinner steel and usually offer a simpler locking mechanism like a key or slider lock.
  • For those that want easy access to their guns, but still need some protection against theft, a gun cabinet is a more lightweight, affordable and manageable option.


Are gun safes worth it?

A gun safe is a good investment for any firearm owner. Not only will you be more likely to obtain full coverage in an insurance claim, but you keep yourself and others from getting their hands on your guns.

What is a quick access gun safe?

While regular gun safes can fit many firearms and are difficult to move, a quick-access gun safe can be installed almost anywhere – next to a bedside or as a nightstand gun safe, for instance – so you can access your firearm almost immediately and defend your home when necessary.