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When looking for the best sit-on kayaks, browse the wide variety of products at L&M Fleet Supply.

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Find The Best Sit-On Kayaks at L&M

Whether you’re fishing, getting some exercise or just enjoying quality time on the water, a sit-on kayak is a fun, cost-effective option to do all that and so much more.

Sit-On Kayaks vs. Sit-In Kayaks

There are two main types of kayaks – “sit in” and “sit on”. Although they’re pretty self explanatory, each style provides their own unique advantages and disadvantages:

  • Sit-on kayaks, like the Sundolphin Spirit 10, are designed so that the user sits atop the vessel and gear is tied down on the bow or stern. There are many benefits to using a sit-on kayak, the best being high stability, ease of getting on and off board, and better casting angles for fishing. They are also safe in that they cannot be capsized due to their self-bailing nature.
  • Sit-in kayaks, in contrast, provide an interior compartment where the user sits and also stores their gear. Because it’s situated lower in the water, they’re easier to paddle, harder to flip and can cut through choppy water more effectively.


Are sit-on kayaks safe?

Sit-on kayaks are as safe as their sit-in counterparts because they contain what are called “scupper holes”. These small holes allow water to drain right through the kayak, essentially making it unsinkable.

How many people can a sit-on kayak fit?

In general, sit-on kayaks can fit one to three people, depending on the model. The smaller your kayak is, the easier it is to haul and store – explore some of the many kayak accessories at L&M Fleet Supply to make the entire experience that much more convenient.