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Game Cameras

Game Cameras

Before your next big outing, stop by one of 10 L&M Fleet Supply locations across the upper midwest, or shop conveniently through our online store, to find the tools you need to see your prey clearly and make a big kill.

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  1. Stealth Wildview Cam, 16MP
    GSM Outdoors Stealth Wildview Cam, 16MP
  2. Spypoint Micro SD Card 32GB
    Spypoint Spypoint Micro SD Card 32GB
  3. Spypoint Flex Cell Camera
    Spypoint Spypoint Flex Cell Camera
  4. Wildgame Innovations Wraith 20mp Game Camera Set
    Wildgame Innovations Wildgame Innovations Wraith 20mp Game Camera Set
  5. Muddy Pro Cam 20 Combo
    Muddy Treestands Muddy Pro Cam 20 Combo
  6. HME Solar Power Panel
    HME Products HME Solar Power Panel
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Pick Up A Trail Camera And Track Game With Accuracy

All you need is the right trail camera.

Different Types Of Game Cameras

Not all game cameras are created equal. For a stand-alone option, you can’t go wrong with the Moultrie Deer Feeder Elite II Tripod. This option holds up to 150 pounds of corn, bringing deer into your shooting zone.

For a reliable, versatile setup, go with the Wildgame Innovations Mirage 20MP Game Camera. This trail cam gives you crystal clear, 18-megapixel capabilities, nighttime image capturing and a half-second trigger speed for quick snapshots.

Other Essential Game Camera Accessories

If you’ve already decided on the ideal game camera for your needs, don’t forget to add some essential accessories that are guaranteed to increase its functionality.

Cellular adapters make it easy to transform your game camera into a real-time tracking system. Try the SkyPoint Cell-Link Adapter, which can turn virtually any non-cellular camera that uses a standard SD card slot into a cellular trail camera.

To make viewing images easy, pick up this HME Trail Camera SD Card Reader/Viewer, featuring a 4.3 Inch color LCD screen, 720P video playback resolution and a mini-USB connection for better adaptability in the field.

And, don’t forget that you’ll need a way to keep the camera secure in its place. Choose a sturdy device that’s guaranteed to hold up through storms, like the Economy Tree Mount, which gives you the perfect angle to capture (and make) the shot.


Can trail cameras send pictures to your phone or other devices?

Normal trail cameras cannot send pictures to your devices, because they lack transmission capabilities. These units usually store data on SD cards. However, wifi or cellular trail cameras can transmit images to your devices. These are great for people wanting to monitor real-time activity around their rig.

Can game cameras be used for security?

Game cameras are great for stalking animal activity in the forest, but can also be useful for security. If you want to keep watch over your property, game cameras are normally camouflaged, so they blend in to natural surroundings – whether in your backyard or on your hunting land.