Lawn & Garden Tools

Lawn & Garden Tools

When you’re trying to design the perfect lawn and landscape, you need the proper tools to get the job done quickly and effectively.

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  1. Wooden Garden Stakes
    Wooden Garden Stakes
    As low as $4.99
  2. Mattock Handle - 36in
    House Handle, Inc. Mattock Handle - 36in
  3. Square Post Hole Handle
    House Handle, Inc. Square Post Hole Handle
  4. Round Post Hole Handle
    House Handle, Inc. Round Post Hole Handle
  5. Post Maul Handle
    House Handle, Inc. Post Maul Handle
  6. Wheel Barrow Handle - 60in
    House Handle, Inc. Wheel Barrow Handle - 60in
  7. Snow Pusher Handle - 48in
    House Handle, Inc. Snow Pusher Handle - 48in
  8. Single Bit Shovel Handle W/ Shoulder - 48in
    House Handle, Inc. Single Bit Shovel Handle W/ Shoulder - 48in
  9. Railroad Pick Handle
    House Handle, Inc. Railroad Pick Handle
  10. Single Bit Axe Handle
    House Handle, Inc. Single Bit Axe Handle
  11. Carpenter Framing Handle - 16in
    House Handle, Inc. Carpenter Framing Handle - 16in
  12. Blacksmith Handles
    House Handle, Inc. Blacksmith Handles
    As low as $4.99
  13. File Handles
    House Handle, Inc. File Handles
    As low as $2.49
  14. Axe Eye Maul Handles
    House Handle, Inc. Axe Eye Maul Handles
    As low as $13.99
  15. Hay Fork Handles
    House Handle, Inc. Hay Fork Handles
    As low as $19.99
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We Carry The Lawn & Garden Tools You Need To Get The Job Done Right

Find everything you need in one place at one of 10 L&M Fleet Supply locations across the upper midwest or conveniently through our online store. Browse today’s top lawn and garden products from brands like Amturf, Corona Clipper, Fiskars, Stihl, True Temper and many more.

Different Types of Lawn Tools

There are many different types of lawn and garden tools that you may need to craft a yard that increases curb appeal and makes neighbors jealous – just look to some of the following options:

Essential Equipment To Craft The Perfect Landscape

If you’re searching for some essential equipment to craft the perfect landscape this growing season, there are many popular products available to today’s consumers. To clean up debris, spread dirt or rake leaves, pick up a Truper Tools Tru Built Welded Bow Rake. For planting in your garden, check out the Corona Clipper SoilRipper, a hand-held solution for cultivating, weeding and digging. And, don’t forget to care for hedges by picking up a trusty product like Seymour’s S300 Duralite Shears.


What types of garden tools do I need to grow flowers this spring?

To grow the best flowers this season, you’ll need the right gardening tools. Master the art of pruning with Truper’s 7” Scissor Snippers. Make planting a breeze with a 6” Garden Cultivator and companion 6” Trowel. Finally, keep your garden free of weeds with something like a Floral Weedier.