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Find the perfect ice fishing hole, by drilling it yourself. L&M Fleet Supply offers a full line of ice augers that will put you in a better position to reel in a trophy fish this winter.

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  1. K-Drill 8.5" Auger
    K-Drill K-Drill 8.5" Auger
  2. K-Drill 7.5" Auger
    K-Drill K-Drill 7.5" Auger
  3. Ion 10" Alpha Electric Ice Auger
    Ion Augers Ion 10" Alpha Electric Ice Auger
  4. Eskimo Turbo Blades
    Eskimo Eskimo Turbo Blades
    As low as $39.99
  5. Eskimo 40V 4Ah Battery
    Eskimo Eskimo 40V 4Ah Battery
  6. K-Drill 12" Auger Extension
    K-Drill K-Drill 12" Auger Extension
  7. Cold Snap ION Auger Cover - 8"
    Cold Snap Cold Snap ION Auger Cover - 8"
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When it Comes to Ice Augers, We Know the Drill

From powerful gas-driven options that cut holes in seconds, electric augers that offer a cleaner, quieter experience and the essential accessories that will make your fishing expedition a success — we have it all.

Hand Augers vs Electric Augers vs Gas Augers

There are a variety of augers available to the modern ice fisherman — but which one should you choose? Here are the main considerations when deciding between a hand vs electric vs gas ice fishing auger:

  • Hand augers require you to use your strength and energy to drill holes, which can be exhausting, particularly with thicker ice.
  • Electric augers are nice because you don’t have to bring any extra gasoline, starter fluid or other mechanical components. However, you may not be able to drill as many holes on a single battery charge, compared to a gas alternative.
  • Gas augers are the most powerful, allowing you to drill as many holes as you want, as long as you have enough fuel.

How Long Do Batteries Last on Electric Augers?

Electric augers offer many benefits over gas augers. There are no fumes to worry about while sheltered, no pull cords to deal with and they’re quiet so they don’t spook fish. Although battery life will vary from brand to brand, some of the top augers will drill several dozen holes on a single charge.


Do I need a power auger or hand auger?

This depends on the thickness of the ice that you’ll be fishing on. Hand augers are nice because they are quieter and less likely to scare off those prized fish, but it can be laborious cutting through thick ice in freezing weather.