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Tool Boxes

Tool Boxes

For better tool storage and organization, shop the wide array of options at L&M Fleet Supply.

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  1. Milwaukee Packout Organizer
    Milwaukee Milwaukee Packout Organizer
  2. Milwaukee Packout Rolling Toolbox
    Milwaukee Milwaukee Packout Rolling Toolbox
  3. Milwaukee Packout Large Toolbox
    Milwaukee Milwaukee Packout Large Toolbox
  4. Milwaukee Packout Toolbox
    Milwaukee Milwaukee Packout Toolbox
  5. Milwaukee Zipper Pouch
    Milwaukee Milwaukee Zipper Pouch
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Get The Right Amount Of Tool Storage For Your Work Space

With a huge selection of tool boxes, bags, backpacks, cabinets and more, we’ll help you find the ideal product for your workshop, garage or construction site.

Find Tool Boxes From Top Brands Like DeWalt, Stanley & Milwaukee

From the DIYer to the professional handyman, a tool box is an essential piece of equipment. Browse the many top tool box brands offered by L&M, like DeWalt, Stanley Milwaukee and more.

DeWalt products are known for their reliable, durable construction. Check out the massive and versatile DeWalt 15-Gallon Contractor Chest, for the most versatile tool box out there. Or, go with their more traditional alternative with the DeWalt ToughSystem Large Case.

If you’re just carrying around the basics, try something like Stanley’s 12.5" Essential Toolbox, or, get double the space with their 24" Series 2000 Toolbox.

For the little items, turn to Milwaukee’s PACKOUT Low-Profile Organizer. Designed for maximum impact resistance, weatherproofing and easy transportation, this item was designed to withstand even the toughest jobs, while keeping you organized.

From Rolling Tool Cabinets To Bags, Backpacks, Belts & Beyond

Those looking for something besides a toolbox may appreciate something more expansive, like the DeWalt 700 Series 41-in. 9-drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet or DeWalt 26-in. 6-drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet.

Of course, there are more portable options out there, as well. For example, try the Bucket Boss Bucketeer CLC 14-Pocket, 12in. Bigmouth Tote Bag or Bucket Boss Wrench Roll for a tool container that’s easy to store. Finally, keep things easy to carry with a new CLC 48 Pocket Tool Backpack With Multi-Purpose Clip-On Zippered Poly Bags.