Screen Tents

Screen Tents

Gain protection from bugs, bright sunshine, rain and wind, by adding a screen tent to your outdoor space.

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  1. WFS 10' x 10' Blue Canopy
    World Famous Sports WFS 10' x 10' Blue Canopy
  2. Clam Green Quick-Set Escape Screen Tent
    Clam Outdoors Clam Green Quick-Set Escape Screen Tent
    Special Price $249.99 Regular Price $279.99
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With a Screen Tent, It’s a Breeze to Bring Comforts Outside

Visit L&M Fleet Supply, where you’ll find a wide variety of screened shelters for patios, decks, cabins and yards of all types.

Shop Clam Screen Tents, Accessories & More

Clam produces some of the more popular screen tents. Our store proudly carries a variety of these products, like the Clam Outdoors Cabin Screen Tent, featuring a two-in-one design with a central partition that creates two “rooms”. Or, keep it easy with the no-assembly-required Clam Quick-Set Escape 1660, boasting a setup time of just 45 seconds.

Go a step further by mixing and matching screen tent accessories like Clam wind panels for added weather protection, comfortable lawn furniture for lounging or patio lighting to set the mood.

Benefits of a Backyard Screen House

Make memories with your friends and family, gathered in a centralized spot, protected from the elements. There are a number reasons why a backyard screen house will make your outdoor gatherings that much better:

  • Place a table underneath your screen house and now you have the ideal spot to set up for a cook-out.
  • Screened shelters are breezy, shady and overall more comfortable.
  • Waterproof screen tents provide protection from rain and general moisture.
  • They are easy to set up, move and maintain, while more affordable than a permanent structure.


Should I buy a waterproof screen tent for my patio?

If you live in a climate that sees regular rain or you live near a body of water, like a cabin on a lake, then a waterproof screen tent is likely a good choice. With fastenable panels and special outer lining, there’s no way moisture can get in, keeping you and your gear dry.

Should I buy a pop-up screen tent with a floor?

Floors help if you’re setting up on a dirt patch or grass. Otherwise, material like patio pavers, cement or decking doesn’t require screen tent flooring.