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Sand Blasting

Sand Blasting

When you’re preparing to sand, make sure you have the right tools from the job with a stop at any L&M Fleet Supply.

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  1. Ingersoll Rand 6" Sanding Pad
    Ingersoll Rand Ingersoll Rand 6" Sanding Pad
  2. ALC Standard Hood Light Duty
    S&H Industries ALC Standard Hood Light Duty
  3. ALC Coal Slag 25lb Bucket
    S&H Industries ALC Coal Slag 25lb Bucket
  4. Allsource Ceramic Nozzles 3pk
    S&H Industries Allsource Ceramic Nozzles 3pk
    As low as $19.99
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Find The Best Sand Blasters For The Job At L&M Fleet Supply

As a top supplier of sandblasting products from 3M, Black & Decker and Twin City Concrete, among others, you’ll find exactly what you need for your upcoming project.

We Carry A Wide Selection Of Belt Sanders

You can’t go wrong with a new electric belt sander from Black & Decker. The DS321 3-Inch X 21-Inch Dragster Belt Sander, for example, features a powerful seven-amp motor, a retractable hood and three-position ergonomic handle.

For those that want to blast any type of tough debris, from rust to carbon to paint and more, check out the Allsource Porta Blaster Kit W/10 Ft. Hose. With unlimited capacity and steel nozzle, you’re ready to restore any type of work surface.

Pick Up Sanding Pads, Sponges, Flap Discs & Other Essentials

Of course, you may need more than a new sander. Pick up new sanding pads from 3M, like the popular SandBlaster Ultra Flexible Medium Sanding Sponge. Or, for more precision, try the 3M Fine Hand Sanding Wood Finishing Pad.

For shaping and finishing metal, try a densely layered flap disc like the DeWalt DWA8282 XP Ceramic Flap Disc Type 27. And, don’t forget about the proper sandblasting safety equipment with an ALC Standard Hood.


What type of sand do I need to use for sandblasting?

Most of the time, you’ll use a white silica sand for blasting, like this Twin City Concrete Sand.