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Flashers make it easy to track your target, so you can reel in more fish in less time.

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Catch More Trophy Fish in a Flash

L&M Fleet Supply is your go-to supplier of ice fishing flasher products and accessories -- with 10 locations across the upper midwest and a convenient online shop, you don’t have to go far to gear up for fishing season.

Ice Fish Finder vs. Flasher

There are a ton of models of ice fish finders to choose from, from flashers to digital locators to underwater cameras and much more. It can make shopping for one confusing, so here are the main considerations when using a ice fish finder vs a flasher:

  • Display: Fish finders use an LCD display to show a scrolling history of what happened underwater moments ago. Flashers use a multi-colored dial that represents the sonar’s real-time view.
  • GPS: Fish finders usually come with built in mapping while flashers do not.
  • Battery life: Fish finders will suck up a lot of battery or may require a power source whereas flashers can last all day on a single charge.

What Does an Ice Fishing Flasher Do For You?

There are several advantages to using an ice fishing flasher. For one, you get real-time sonar signal, allowing you to adjust the placement of your lure. Another benefit comes when setting tip-ups to ensure the bait can’t get lost among weeds, logs or rock.

Shop MarCum Flasher Products

Find top MarCum flasher products at L&M Fleet Supply, like the Lithium Shuttle extended battery for M-Series, LX-Series and I-Series digital sonars.


How long does an ice fishing flasher battery normally last?

You can expect an ice fishing flasher battery to last approximately 18 hours.