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Baggers & Accessories

Baggers & Accessories

When it comes to mowing your lawn, L&M Fleet Supply is your source for top baggers, blades, attachments and other accessories that will help you get the job done the right way and keep your lawn the pride of the neighborhood.

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  1. Carlisle Tire Versa Turf
    Carlisle Carlisle Tire Versa Turf
    As low as $119.99
  2. Harvest King 2 Cycle Oil -Gallon
    Harvest King Harvest King 2 Cycle Oil -Gallon
  3. Garden Tractor Batteries
    Exide Technologies Garden Tractor Batteries
    As low as $49.95
  4. Harvest King 2 Cycle Oil
    Harvest King Harvest King 2 Cycle Oil
    As low as $1.69
  5. Cub Cadet Ignition Key
    MTD Products Cub Cadet Ignition Key
  6. Lawn & Garden 23X850/950/1050-12 TR13 Inner Tube
    International Tire & Tube Lawn & Garden 23X850/950/1050-12 TR13 Inner Tube
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We Have Your Riding Mower Baggers, Attachments & Accessories

Our Most Popular Riding Mower Attachments

A lawn mower is only one piece of the landscaping puzzle. Grab all the essential or luxurious items that make your labor that much easier.

Here are the most popular attachments we sell:

  • New blades to help ensure your mow is even and effective.
  • Bagger systems that supply more capacity for grass clippings so you don’t have to make as many dumps.
  • Parts that ensure you never break down, from oil to filters to engine components and beyond.
  • Snow plow attachments that extend the utility of your mower into the colder months — great for those living in the upper midwest!

Do Riding Lawn Mower Baggers Work?

As long as it’s installed correctly and regularly cleared of debris, your riding lawn mower with a bagger should leave you with a cleaner-looking yard at the end of your mow.

Whether you have a traditional tractor bagger or zero turn bagger, these accessories collect grass clippings as you mow, but other debris as well. For example, if your yard is covered in leaves, a bagger makes collection simpler and yard clean up much easier come fall.

How do you put a bagger on a Cub Cadet?

Here’s how to correctly attach a lawn mower bagger to your Cub Cadet mower:

  1. Mount your bracket to the mower using the included bolts.
  2. Attach the rear bagging system via bracket and secure it with a cotter pin.
  3. Connect the tube from your deck to the bagging system to transport clippings and debris.


Can you attach a plow to a riding lawn mower?

Many riding lawn mowers come with an optional snow-plow attachment and tire chains, allowing you to use it in the winter.

Can a riding mower tow?

Add a trailer to haul excess debris on the back — most riding mowers have a hitch (or one can be installed) and are capable of rear towing.