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Sonar & Cameras

Sonar & Cameras

Sonar gives you a crystal-clear view of what’s happening underneath the ice. With the right gear from L&M Fleet Supply, you gain complete control where and how you fish.

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  1. Vexilar Glo Ring
    Vexilar Vexilar Glo Ring
  2. Humminbird ICE HELIX 7 CHIRP GPS G4 All Season
    Humminbird Humminbird ICE HELIX 7 CHIRP GPS G4 All Season
    Regular Price $1,049.99 Special Price $899.99
  4. Marcum M1 Flasher Ice System
    MarCum Marcum M1 Flasher Ice System
    Regular Price $299.99 Special Price $249.99
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Seeing is Believing With Ice Fishing Sonar

We carry popular ice fishing sonar products like UPB universal batteries, Vexilar depth gauges, Humminbird and Garmin technology.

Reel in more trophy fish this year by stocking up with these great items and so much more at one of our 10 locations across the upper midwest, or conveniently on our online store.

Ice Fishing Flasher vs. Sonar

Ice fishing flashers use a rotating-style display that monitors fish activity near your hole via sonar, allowing you to adjust line positioning. The earliest spinning-wheel flashers were used by anglers all the way back to the 1960s, but technology has come a long way.

Today’s ice fishing sonars come in several different styles, from water-proof handheld devices to digital locators to LCD fish finders and more.

Here are the main considerations when deciding between a ice fishing flasher vs. sonar:

  • Flashers will give you a real-time view of fish as they pass by your hole, but are confusing to learn at first.
  • Sonars can provide real-time or historical views of the underwater environment and come in many different display styles.


Do ice fishing sonars work?

Yes, sonars work by releasing an acoustic signal through water, where it bounces off an object and returns that signal back to a device -- particularly useful when fishing. In fact, a transducer can be placed on top of the ice to send and receive signals, since sonar waves travel more easily through ice than water.

Ice fishing camera vs sonar: Which should I choose?

In short, ice fishing sonar is more reliable because, although more difficult to read, they provide reliable signals in any condition. In contrast, underwater cameras are less effective in murky water or at night.