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Heating & Cooling

Heating & Cooling

Get the comfort you deserve by installing a new heating or cooling system. At L&M Fleet Supply, you can find heaters and air conditioners that provide the power you need to get through any hot or cold season.

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  1. Sunnyside 2.5gal Kerosene Fuel
    Sunnyside Sunnyside 2.5gal Kerosene Fuel
  2. Panacea 30" Fireplace Tongs
    Panacea Panacea 30" Fireplace Tongs
  3. Panacea 30" Fireplace Brush
    Panacea Panacea 30" Fireplace Brush
  4. Panacea 30" Fireplace Poker
    Panacea Panacea 30" Fireplace Poker
  5. Panacea Fireplace Coal Hod
    Panacea Panacea Fireplace Coal Hod
  6. Panacea Canvas Log Tote
    Panacea Panacea Canvas Log Tote
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Live in Comfort with Top-Tier Heating and Cooling

As a WoodMaster partner, we’ll help you heat a cabin, home or other area with cozy yet powerful wood-burning furnaces and boilers. We carry other top brands as well, including Dyna-Glo, Flanders Precisionaire and Comfort Zone, among many others.

Powerful Heaters for the Home

  • Wood boiler: Also known as an outdoor furnace, because they’re set up outside the home, but deliver wood-fire heat to the inside via a system of ducts.
  • Baseboard heaters: Installed on or near the baseboards of your walls, and are hard-wired to your electrical system.
  • Utility heater: Portable and simple to use, these simply plug into a wall outlet and deliver a great level of heat for a draft room or small apartment.

High-Performance Cooling Products

  • Air conditioners: AC units work by sucking up indoor air, blowing across a cold evaporator coil where heat molecules are absorbed into a refrigerant and then delivered outside.
  • Fans: Although they don’t condition the air, fans can provide a much-needed breeze throughout a room to help provide some relief from the heat.
  • Cooling thermostats: These little devices are attached to your wall and allow you to control how hot or cold your space is.


What is the best type of heater?

The type of heater you choose will depend on the type of space you’re working with. For example, a smaller den or four-season porch would be well-suited for a space heater, whereas you’d want a more powerful furnace to heat your entire house.

What is the best type of cooling device?

Central air conditioners provide your entire house with a cool, consistent flow of air. But for those trying to save some money on energy bills, a fan or smaller evaporative cooler will help cut down consumption.