Ladder Stands

Ladder Stands

Elevate your hunting efforts this season with the help of a trusty ladder stand. L&M Fleet Supply is your hunting headquarters and will supply you with the necessary equipment to bag that trophy buck.

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Elevate Your Hunting Efforts with a Ladder Stand

Find high-quality ladder stands from top brands like Rivers Edge and Barronett, among many others.

Ladder Stands vs. Climber Stands vs. Hang-on Stands

There are many different types of tree stands to choose from. Before making a purchase, consider the following criteria when deciding between a ladder stand vs. climber stand vs. hang-on stand:

  • Ladder stands, like the Rivers Edge Lockdown which stretches 17 feet in the air, include a metal ladder that runs from the ground up to the stand. These are the easiest and safest to use, since you have a sturdy method of entry and exit to your perch.
  • Hang-on stands feature a seat and platform and require you to carry the stand up the tree until you reach a good vantage point to set up. Usually, the hunter purchases a separate ladder to get in and out of this type of hunting stand.


Should I use a ladder stand or hunting blind?

Hunting blinds are set up on the ground, and while they can be set up anywhere, you’ll have a harder time seeing deer through dense trees, brush or other obstacles to obtain a clean shot. Tree stands elevate your vantage point, while providing better sight, scent and sound protection.

How do I install a ladder stand?

Installing a ladder stand is easy, but take special care to secure it tightly so that you don’t risk falling – there are several tree stand accessories that can help with this. First, find a tree that’s clear of debris so you can run up your ladder. Set the base of the ladder against the trunk and walk it up until the seat atop the ladder rests against the tree. Install your leg braces, if included, to roughly set it in place. Climb partially up the tree and install the first set of straps or screws. The ladder should now be secure enough for climb all the way up and ratchet the stand’s seat to the tree and secure any remaining components.