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Range Hood Filters

Range Hood Filters

Find a wide selection of range hood filters at L&M Fleet Supply and improve the air quality in your home.

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Find A Variety Of Range Hood Filters At L&M Fleet Supply

From charcoal traps to metal filters and more, we’ll help you find the right kitchen supplies to stop contaminants from lingering in your space.

Benefits Of A Kitchen Hood Filter

There are many benefits that come from using a kitchen hood filter. First, it improves air quality by capturing grease and dirt particles. Second, it removes kitchen odors and excess heat. Lastly, many designs come with lights and fans, giving you a more pleasant environment to cook in.

And, you can make the cooking experience even better by picking up some other essential cookware products.


What size filter do I need for proper range hood ventilation?

To know what size filter you need for proper ventilation, simply measure the hood opening, or the current filters, if they’re installed. If your filters seem to be an irregular size, purchase hood filter spacers. These can be used to fill in left-over gaps from ½ inch to six inches.

What are some common styles of range hood filters?

There are three main styles of range hood filters. They include stainless steel baffle filters, aluminum mesh filters, and charcoal filters.

How often should I replace my charcoal hood filters?

You should replace your charcoal range filters after 120 hours of cooking, or about two to three times a year with moderate-to-heavy stove use. For lighter use, it’s recommended to replace charcoal range filters once a year.