It’s officially camping season – gear up with everything you need at L&M Fleet Supply. Whether you’re on a backwoods adventure, docking your RV at a campsite or letting the kids pop a tent in the backyard for the night, we have the supplies to make your camping experience more enjoyable.

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  2. Coleman 52 Qt. 3 Day Cooler
    Coleman Coleman 52 Qt. 3 Day Cooler
  3. Westfield Outdoors L&M Folding Camp Chair
    Westfield Outdoors Westfield Outdoors L&M Folding Camp Chair
    As low as $39.99
  4. Emergency Bag
    Coghlan's Emergency Bag
  5. Thermometer & Compass Key Ring
    Coghlan's Thermometer & Compass Key Ring
  6. Airstop
    Coghlan's Airstop
  7. Sleeping Bag Carrier
    Coghlan's Sleeping Bag Carrier
  8. Sierra Saw
    Coghlan's Sierra Saw
  9. Magnesium Fire Starter
    Coghlan's Magnesium Fire Starter
  10. Nylon Repair Tape
    Coghlan's Nylon Repair Tape
  11. Tent Repair Kit
    Coghlan's Tent Repair Kit
  12. Extendible Fire Poker
    Coghlan's Extendible Fire Poker
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Find The Camping Gear You Need

Find such brands as Coleman, GoFire, Yeti, Tiki and so many more, and get outdoors!

Make Sure Your Camping Experience Runs Smoothly When You’re Roughing It

When it comes to roughing it in the wilderness, there are many supplies you’ll need, both essential and non-essential, that will ensure you have a good time while you’re getting away. Make sure to consider the following before your adventure begins:

What Type of Tent Do I Need?

There are several different types of tents to choose from, with some of the more popular known as pop-up, A-frame, fly tents. Before you purchase your new tent, take into account the following considerations:

  • Will you be camping alone or in a group? Pop-up tents, with their lightweight frame and small footprint are generally best for solo or duo campers, and can easily be transported in your pack. This Coleman Sundome option also provides water protection, so you stay dry.
  • What type of environment will you be camping in? An A-frame tent, like this Stansport Scout model for example, provides complete protection on all four sides, whereas fly tents have removable walls and are great for warm, breezy, bugless nights. Take a look at Clam Quick Set Pavilion for a screened-in option.


Does L&M Fleet Supply sell discount camping equipment?

Yes, L&M Fleet Supply offers discounts on camping gear, with special sales throughout the year. Sign up for our newsletter or create an account to stay up to date on the latest camping deals.