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L&M Fleet Supply carries all the ice fishing accessories and other gear you need for a fun, successful outing.

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  1. Clam ClamLock Shelf
    Clam Outdoors Clam ClamLock Shelf
  2. Mr. Heater Full Seat Warmer
    Mr. Heater Mr. Heater Full Seat Warmer
  3. Mr. Heater Portable Seat Cushion
    Mr. Heater Mr. Heater Portable Seat Cushion
  4. Marine Metal Bubbles 110 Air Pump
    Marine Metal Products Marine Metal Bubbles 110 Air Pump
  5. Lakco Large Minnow Scoop
    Lakco Lakco Large Minnow Scoop
  6. KMDA Minnow Scoop Mini
    KMDA, INC KMDA Minnow Scoop Mini
  7. Rapala 60" Retractable Ruler
    Normark Rapala 60" Retractable Ruler
  8. Rapala Fish Counter
    Normark Rapala Fish Counter
  9. Frabill Magnum Bait Station
    Frabill Frabill Magnum Bait Station
    As low as $79.99
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Up Your Game With Ice Fishing Accessories

Find popular products for your ice fishing shanty, such as this Nu-Way Wood Stove or Engel 30-quart Live Bait Cooler; pick some items up to stay comfortable in the cold, like Grabber Handwarmers and ThermaSeat Cushion; or make transportation a breeze with several sled options, like this one from Otter Outdoors.

Your Essential Ice Fishing Gear List

Whether you’re trying to target bigger fish, improve your ice house or just stay warm, ice fishing accessories are essential. Here is the ice fishing gear you should consider bringing along on your next trip:

Shop Clam Ice Fishing Gear & Accessories

Clam Outdoor produces some of the top ice fishing supplies in the business. L&M Fleet Supply happens to carry a ton of Clam accessories that will enhance your fishing experience. See at night with Waterproof Sled Lights, great for any portable or permanent fish house. Or, keep your poles secured with this handy Spreader Pole Storage System, while staying organized with these Shelter Hooks.


What type of ice fishing lures should I use?

There are lures for every type of fish and aquatic environment -- try a variety of jigs, bait and tackle offered through our online store to find what works best for you.

What are L&M Fleet Supply’s ice fishing clearance options?

We offer clearance deals throughout the year on our ice fishing accessories. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on deals.