Clam Deluxe Lithium Rechargeable Aerator

Clam Deluxe Lithium Rechargeable Aerator
Healthy bait can make a huge difference. Adding an aerator is a great idea to keep bait fresh and minnows alive. The Deluxe Lithium Aerator is rechargeable and long lasting. Equipped with all the accessories in a top end aerator including the ability to aerate two bait buckets at once. Small in size, big in performance.
• Lithium battery technology – long lasting
• Rechargeable
• Dual output
○ Aerate two different buckets or coolers
• 40" air hose – customize to your desired length
• Two check valves
• Includes air stones
• Includes wall charger & USB connection
• Size: L 4.5" x W 3" x 1.5" H
• Test results:
○ Up to 14 hour battery life on a single charge
○ Two hour charge time
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