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Take aim from the comfort of a heavy-duty yet portable hunting chair.

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  1. Muddy Swivel Roller Chair
    Muddy Treestands Muddy Swivel Roller Chair
  2. Barronett Blinds Ground Gobbler Chair
    Barronett Blinds Barronett Blinds Ground Gobbler Chair
  3. Banded Tall Swivel Blind Chair
    Banded Banded Tall Swivel Blind Chair
    As low as $119.99
  4. Mr. Heater Portable Seat Cushion
    Mr. Heater Mr. Heater Portable Seat Cushion
  5. Ameristep High Back Chair
    Ameristep Ameristep High Back Chair
  6. Muddy The Swivel-Ease Xtreme
    Muddy Treestands Muddy The Swivel-Ease Xtreme
  7. Muddy Spring Back Lumbar Support
    Muddy Treestands Muddy Spring Back Lumbar Support
  8. Banks Outdoors Stump Chair
    Banks Outdoors Banks Outdoors Stump Chair
  9. Muddy Portable Hot Seat
    Muddy Treestands Muddy Portable Hot Seat
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Take A More Comfortable Shot With A Hunting Chair

Just make a stop at L&M Fleet Supply or shop through our online store to find everything you need for your next big outdoor adventure.

No matter how long it takes for prey to come across your hunting station, sit in style with brands like Muddy Treestands, Banks Outdoors and Northeast Products, and keep your rear end comfy.

Qualities Of A Good Hunting Blind Chair

There are many qualities of a trusty hunting blind chair. Make sure to consider the following criteria to help you decide on the right one for your needs.

First, the comfortability of the hunting chair is incredibly important. A sore backside won’t add to the enjoyment of your outing, so try something like Banks Outdoors Stump Chair which includes a director-style design, body-forming seat and wide base to perch upon.

Next, keep shooting angles open with a chair that swivels or is otherwise adjustable. Aim true with a product like the Muddy Swivel-Ease Xtreme, offering a seat height range of 17 to 24 inches, 360-degree swivel and foot rest for added stability.

Finally, if you’re not hunting from a blind, consider bringing along a Muddy Spring Back Lumbar Support. This fits with any treestand or at ground level and allows you to keep proper posture throughout a long hunt.


Where do I install a hunting chair?

The best place to install a chair is in your hunting blind, although some backrest-only models simply attach to the trunk of a tree.

Are hunting chairs portable?

Many hunting chairs can weigh up to 20lbs., so they’re portable but can add extra weight to your pack. If portability is of utmost importance, consider an ultra-lightweight hot seat, like this option from Muddy. It’s durable, heated and soft to keep you comfy even on the coldest of hunts.