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Stop by L&M Fleet Supply today, or shop conveniently online, to explore one of the widest selections of welding tools in the U.S.

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  1. Hobart 770283 Doo Rag
    Hobart Hobart 770283 Doo Rag
  2. Hobart 770564 Swivel Magnet
    Hobart Hobart 770564 Swivel Magnet
  3. Hobart 312 Plus Stainless Stick Electrode - Qty. 5
    Hobart Hobart 312 Plus Stainless Stick Electrode - Qty. 5
    As low as $13.99
  4. Hobart Valve Action Paint Marker
    Hobart Hobart Valve Action Paint Marker
    As low as $5.99
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Find Welding Tools For Every Project At L&M Fleet Supply

From welding machinery to soldering supplies to protective helmets, gloves and clothing, we carry the right gear to keep you safe and successful on the job.

Shop The Largest Selection Of The Best Welding Machines

Are you in need of the latest, greatest MIG welding machines? L&M Fleet Supply has a number of reliable products, like the Hobart 500574 IronMan 240 MIG Welder, which runs on 240V input power, welds up to 1/2 in. of mild steel, and is spool-gun ready for aluminum.

For combined MIG/arc capabilities, try something like the Razorweld VIPER MIG 180i MIG/ARC Welder. This machine is a new inverter-based portable MIG welder with an added ARC function for added versatility.

Or, pick up a trusty torch kit, like the BernzOmatic Brazing Torch Kit, designed for smaller brazing and welding projects. And, don’t forget to cover all your bases by adding a BernzOmatic Cordless Soldering Iron to your welding kit.

Darkening Welding Helmets, Gloves, Jackets And So Much More

When searching for the right welding tools, shop the wide variety of options at L&M Fleet Supply – simply browse the categories below to find exactly what you need:


What are the benefits of portable welding machines?

There are a ton of advantages of using a portable welding machine, like:

  • Lightweight and easy to operate.
  • Go where the problem is, rather than bringing it to you.
  • Use freed-up space for other tools or equipment.