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Fencing Supplies

Fencing Supplies

With 10 stores across the upper midwest and convenient delivery options through our online shop, L&M Fleet Supply is your go-to source for all your fencing needs.

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  1. Oklahoma/Iowa Steel OK Brand 16'x34" Select Hog Panel
  2. Miller Little Giant Miller ACP2 Wire Clip Pliers
  3. Land O Lakes Wood Preserving Land O Lakes NatureWood 8 Ft Treated Fence Posts-4 in
  4. W & H Manufacturers W & H Steel Electric Fence Post 4' X 3/8"
  5. Farm Innovators Farm Innovators Cord Connect™
  6. Oklahoma/Iowa Steel OK Brand 5' x 100' Roll Max Tight Horse Fence
  7. Oklahoma/Iowa Steel OK Brand 8' X 50" Handy Panel
  8. Zareba Blitzer 5 Mile Solar Charger
  9. Oklahoma/Iowa Steel OK Brand 16 Gauge Black Rebar Tie Wire Spool
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L&M Fleet Supply is Your Go-to Source for Fencing Supplies

Find products from top brands like Land O Lakes, OK Brand, Koch Industries and many others. With the right equipment, you can construct a secure fence in no time.

From Yards to Farms, Protect Your Land With Superior Fencing

Whether you’re trying to keep your kids contained in the backyard or plotting property lines, fencing is an essential part of owning a parcel of land. From aesthetically pleasing wood fencing to durable metal options, fences add a sense of protection, utility and style.

L&M Fleet Supply offers all of the fencing supplies you need to keep your space secure. Take a look at some of the essentials below:

Barbed Wire vs. Barbless Wire

Steel wire comes in handy when trying to keep livestock corralled in a pen or other fenced area. But, there are two main types – barbed, which has spiked protrusions that inflicts harm upon contact; and barbless, which is a smooth double-strand wire.

Here are the main considerations when choosing between barbed wire and barbless wire:

  • Use barbless wire when corralling animals like horse or cattle where more strength is needed than single-strand wire, but you don’t want to injure the animals. OK Brand makes a 12.5 Gauge Barbless Wire that’s durable enough for the job.
  • Barbed wire is great for keeping predators like wolves and coyotes out of your livestock pens, since they can’t breach the spikes. Take a look at OK Brand 12.5 Gauge 4" 2-Point Premium Barbed Wire for an effective option.