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Miller Pollen Substitute Powder - 1 lb

Miller Pollen Substitute Powder - 1 lb

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Miller Pollen Substitute Powder - 1 lb
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Bee-Pro pollen substitute contains all the vitamins, minerals, lipids and antioxidants bees need to produce food for their larvae. This high-protein subsitute can be used for building colonies in late winter or early spring, to prepare for pollination and to maintain or increase brood production prior to and after honey flow. Free of all contaminants and contains no natural pollen, as natural pollen may still contain pesticide residue and disease-carrying bacteria. Can be fed dry in a feeder box, or made into pollen patties. Comes in a 1-lb. canister.


High-protein pollen substitute which supplies the lipids, minerals, and B-complex vitamins honeybees need to produce larval food

Free of all contaminants

Contains no natural pollen

Can be fed dry or used to make a pollen patty

Comes in 1-lb. canister