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Jenlis MCKRZR19 Muck Razer

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Jenlis MCKRZR19 Muck Razer
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Designed with hooked teeth made of galvanized steel, the Jenlis Muck Razer will help reduce muck and dig out the roots of aquatic weeds giving you clean, weed-free swimming and beach areas. Simply place the drum into the water and push back and forth across any muck or submerged aquatic vegetation.

The Jenlis Muck Razer can also be used out of the water to de-weed beach areas. Easy to use and weighs only 25 lbs. Includes 12' three-piece aluminum handle, 24" x 6" dia. PVC drum and heavy-duty galvanized steel agitating teeth.

  • Help Reduce Pond Muck
  • Dig Out Weed Roots & Sediment
  • Clears Beach & Dock Areas