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SureCan 5 Gallon Gasoline Can

SureCan 5 Gallon Gasoline Can

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SureCan 5 Gallon Gasoline Can

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ONE CAN for WORK, HOME & PLAY The award winning 5 Gallon SureCan is perfect for those bigger machines. With innovative flow control and rotating pouring spout technology, SureCan offers its user the best experience they have ever had with a gas can.

The flexible spout rotates down more than 180 degrees and fits perfectly into any machines fill location while the thumb release trigger on top controls the flow. By pulling straight back on the safety trigger and then down on the thumb button fuel is released immediately while you stay in complete control the entire time. When you notice your fill tank is almost full slowly release the thumb button and allow the excess fuel to drain from the top of the spout before rotating it back up. No more bending over and tipping your fuel can forward and holding it in an awkward position!



  • Rotating Pouring Spout - dispenses fuel from the bottom for total ease of use. Allows you to reach those awkward fill Locations. Eliminate spills, stress and smellswith the SureCan!
  • Spark Arrestor - inside spout helps protect user from back-flash explosions if fumes meet an ignition source
  • Certifications - FM Approved, Meets OSHA & MSHA Standard Guidelines, DOT Certified, UN Certified, and NFPA 30 Certified
  • Multi-Layer HDPE - making the SureCanthe most durable fuel can available
  • Safety Fill Cap - allows the can to burpout pressure preventing ballooning effect when fuel expands in the heat, while not leaking fuel
  • Thumb Trigger & Safety - allows user to control the flow speed with their hand not their back
  • Flame Mitigation Device - located inthe fill neck helps protect user fromback-flash explosions if fumes meetan ignition source
  • Self-venting - valve eliminates glugging



15.61" H X 10.24" W X 13.1" D


3 Year Manufacture Warranty