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Wildlife Research Center Active-Scrape

Wildlife Research Center Active-Scrape

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Wildlife Research Center Active-Scrape
As low as $11.99
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Bagging a buck has never been easier! When Wildlife Research Center developed Active - Scrape, they combined the two scents that will lure a buck out of his favorite hiding spot. Whether he’s expecting a romantic rendezvous with a doe, or a rumble with another buck, he definitely won’t be expecting you. What do you have to do? Just sit quietly and wait!

  • Full spectrum scrape hunting deer scent for use at real and mock scrapes
  • Active-Scrape buck lure from Wildlife Research Center is a blend of doe urine with estrus secretions combined with buck urine
  • This deer scent is natural and will attract bucks willing to defend their territory
  • Enrages the dominant buck
  • The smell of the doe arouses buck
  • Scrape hunting is the best way to hunt bucks