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Water Pik RainFall+™ Rain Shower Head

Water Pik RainFall+™ Rain Shower Head

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Water Pik RainFall+™ Rain Shower Head
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Redefine the showering experience with this RainFall+ rain shower head. Enjoy a range of showering sensations, from invigorating full body coverage to help you start the day, to a relaxing pulsating massage.

The large 7-inch diameter rain shower head offers 7 spray modes and includes anti-clog nozzles for easy cleaning of mineral deposits. Plus it is easy to install, so you can start enjoying a relaxing rainfall experience in just minutes.

Relax, refresh, and rejuvenate with Waterpik RainFall+ rain shower heads.


Spray Modes

  • EcoRain
  • Full Body
  • Full Body + Massage
  • PowerSpray
  • PowerSpray + Full Body
  • Pulsating Massage
  • Water Saving Trickle