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Wagan Tech Solar + LED Floodlight 1600

Wagan Tech Solar + LED Floodlight 1600

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Wagan Tech Solar + LED Floodlight 1600
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Based off of our popular 1,000 Lumen Solar LED Flood Light, our new 1,600 Lumen Solar LED Flood Light has everything you’ve asked for including: brighter output, slimmer case, larger solar panel, and lighter weight. The best light just got better!

  • Solar Powered
  • 1600 Lumens
  • NO Wiring Required
  • IP65 Rated - Waterproof
  • CE, RoHS, BSCI Certified
  • Maintenance Free
  • Mounts Included

Bright LEDs
With 40 LEDs producing 1,600 lumens, our new flood light is 60% brighter than its predecessor while still maintaining its IP65 weather-proof rating and the full 3-nights of run-time on a single charge.

Slim Case
Even though the profile of the flood light is thinner, the Solar panel is 3 watts larger and more efficient than the original.

Easy to Use
We have done away with complicated light settings and remote control, the new 1,600 Lumen Solar LED Flood Light is a true “set-and-forget” lighting solution; simply turn it on and it will do the rest.

When you need to light up an area without the headache of running electrical wiring, the 1,600 Lumen Solar LED Flood Light is an easy way to ensure your yard, house, barn, driveway, and other remote locations stay lit.

Worry-Free Design
A completely self-sufficient and self-contained design, just mount it to any hard surface with the included mounts (fence, pole, wall, tree) and turn on to provide light anywhere you need it. Solar powered and waterproof (IP65 rated), once you can set it up, you can forget about it.

Go Green
Being solar powered (doesn’t use power from the grid) and utilizing long-life energy-efficient LEDs for light, its carbon footprint is minimal. The sun is already providing free energy for you, why not capture it and reduce your energy costs at the same time?!