Valley View Extra Strength Ammonia

Special Price $2.99 Regular Price $3.99
Valley View Extra Strength Ammonia
Special Price $2.99 Regular Price $3.99
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Can be used for all of your home and farm needs. It excels as an agricultural spray tank cleaner. Extra Strength Ammonia makes windows sparkle.

  • Non-foaming formula cleans and deodorizes
  • Dissolves grease, loosens dirt, and removes odors
  • For use on glass, mirrors, plastic, ceramic tile, porcelain, enamel, and more
  • For sparkling clean windows, linoleum, and vinyl
  • Powerful institutional formula even removes wax build up from floors
  • Use instead of bleach to remove odors and freshen clothes without fading
  • Excels as an agricultural spray tank cleaner – safely dissolves pesticide residue and sprayer lines
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