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Tomcat Glue Board Mouse 2pk

Tomcat Glue Board Mouse 2pk

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Tomcat Glue Board Mouse 2pk
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Tomcat Glue Boards are one of the most widely used ways to control rats, mice, insects or other household pests without the use of pesticides or toxins.  Tomcat's powerful adhesive is specially formulated to ensure capture and provide maximum hold.  Low profile and small size can be used virtually anywhere rats and mice are active.



- Widely used by homeowners, farmers and professionals

- Ready-to-use Tomcat Rat-size Glue Boards are an easy, convenient way to capture and dispose of rodents and other pests 

- Non-toxic and pesticide free

- Specially formulated glue adhesive with maximum gripping power and powerful hold

- Low profile tray design, thin edges, and larger glue fill to increase likelihood of capture

- Hypoallergenic and scented to attract rats and mice

- Can also be used for snakes, cockroaches, scorpions, spiders, centipedes, or other insect pests

- Tomcat Mouse Glue Boards are 4.5" Long x 3.25" Wide