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Tingley Airgo Men's Ultralight Boot, Black

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Tingley Airgo Men's Ultralight Boot, Black
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Pick up a pair and see how light a boot can be!

Lightweight yet durable, Airgo™ boots are 100% waterproof with cleated outsoles for traction and slip resistance in wet and muddy conditions. Insulating air bubbles inside the boot walls keep feet warmer in the cold and cooler in the heat. These anti-fatigue boots are great for everything from all-day chores to walking the dog.



 70% lighter than other waterproof rubber and PVC knee boots

 Seamless construction for 100% waterproof protection

 Flexible upper stays supple in cold temperatures to make walking easier

•  Cleated outsole for good traction

 Tiny air bubbles in boot walls keep feet warm in cold and cool in heat

 Easy to put on with a wrap-around heel kick for hands-free removal

 Removable polyurethane, contoured insole for complete comfort


Ideal Applications: Agriculture, Lawn & Garden, Foul Weather, General Purpose

Chemical Resistance: Fats, certain acids, hydrocarbons, caustics and other chemicals

Storage Advisory: When not in use, avoid exposure to high heat and/or direct sunlight as this can cause the boots to shrink or deform. Do not leave these boots near a radiator or similar heating elements. Do not store them in an unventilated car or truck parked in the sun or in a hot place exposed to direct sunlight.

Airgo Ultralight Boot Specs Sheet