Timberline Top Soil .75 Cf

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Timberline Top Soil .75 Cf
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Timberline Top Soil .75 Cf

Keep your lawn healthy with the help of Timberline Topsoil. It spreads easily across sandy soils, creating a layer of nutrients where a variety of plants can thrive after being planted. This garden topsoil can be evenly distributed or used to patch bare spots and fill low areas to make a lawn level. The bag contains enough to cover 0.75 cu ft, is all natural and is ready to use out of the bag. It's ideal for both new and established yards.

•   All-purpose topsoil

•   Ideal for sandy soils

•   Spreads easily for patching bare spots, top dressing or for new installations

•   Provides a good growing media which will need fertilization once lawn is established

•   Timberline potting soil is all natural and ready to use