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Tekton 3/8" Drive Long Torx Bit Socket Set, 12pc

Tekton 3/8" Drive Long Torx Bit Socket Set, 12pc

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Tekton 3/8" Drive Long Torx Bit Socket Set, 12pc
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Tekton bit sockets are formed through a carefully controlled insert process that press-fits S2 steel bits into the sockets for a straight, permanent connection that can't loosen over time. The star-shaped Torx bit has 6-lobes machined to precise tolerances for an exact, high-torque fit that resists camming out. The extra length of the long bits allows you access deep into narrow, recessed areas.



  • Bits are pressed directly into the socket for a permanent connection
  • The carefully controlled process ensures bits are exceptionally straight
  • A tightly mated fit means bits will not loosen over time or under stress
  • Sizes are as large as possible while still being readable along the socket's curved surface
  • Four detent grooves provide a secure connection with the retaining ball of a drive tool
  • Beveled inner rims help guide the socket onto other tools
  • High-density polyethylene storage case withstands exposure to common lubricants, fuels, and solvents


Torx Sizes: T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30, T40, T45, T47, T50, T55, T60

Length: 6" Bit