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Sutton Draft Stoppers Solid Suede 36"

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Sutton Draft Stoppers Solid Suede 36"
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EASY FIX WINDOW OR DOOR INSULATION: Attractive hallway decor and economical home improvement, filled and weighted fabric draft guard will block air gaps, save energy and keep heat or air conditioning indoors. Use as door bottom seal at patio or screen, back or front door or as a fireplace draft stopper. Easy to use under door seal for attic, basement or garage door to reduce airflow into the home and keep the cold draft away.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL HOME IMPROVEMENT ITEMS: Not just an under door draft stopper but use the door guard as window decor as a window draft stopper, soundproofing for doors to help napping babies sleep or act as a noise block from loud neighbors. Use door snake to block light or as odor control to keep smoke, dust and unwanted odors out.

SIMPLE TO USE AND STORE: Quick to install, durable and functional, lay down draft guard as a physical barrier for drafty doors or window draft blocker.

KEEP WARM OR COOL: Close fitting for a snug fit against doorways and along windows, draft stopper closes the gaps to reduces airflow, noise and light-leaks. Keeps your space warm or cool and keeps out dust, bugs and smells. An affordable solution if you're sensitive to air quality, light, noise or scents. Best for interior entryway, bedroom, home or apartment use. Door draft stopper snake is ideal for university dorm rooms, apartments, bedrooms, offices and other indoor areas.