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Stihl HP Ultra 2-Cycle Engine Oil

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Stihl HP Ultra 2-Cycle Engine Oil
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This fully synthetic 2-cycle engine oil is especially suited for high performance chainsaws and power tools.

STIHL HP Ultra is a new, all-synthetic high-performance engine oil developed in-house. It is ideal for air-cooled two-stroke and 4-MIX engines with a mix lubrication system, with or without a catalytic converter. STIHL HP Ultra combines excellent lubrication with a very low tendency to carbonizing. The result is excellent lubrication and excellent protection for your high-performance engine, especially in continuous operation under full load.

No matter how you slice it (or trim it or shred it), there’s no better protection for your high performance 2-stroke engine than STIHL HP Ultra Oil. This 2-cycle engine oil has outstanding engine cleaning characteristics, plus “ultra” lubricating qualities that are superior to other 2-cycle engine oils. This fully synthetic oil is also highly biodegradable, degrading by 80% in 21 days. We’re so confident this oil will protect your engine, we’ll double your STIHL limited warranty* when you use it. It’s that good.


STIHL HP Ultra keeps the piston looking like new even after 500 hours' operation.

Perfectly matched. Ultra-clean.
STIHL HP Ultra contains an ash-free wear additive package. That prevents calcium and sodium sulphate ash occurring as combustion products. With synthetic esters as lubricants, the high-performance engine oil is very clean-burning. STIHL HP Ultra is also very environmentally-friendly, low in sulphur and biodegradable - more than 80 per cent in 21 days.

Perfect lubrication. Ultra protection.
Selected wear additives build up thin protective layers on the metal running surfaces of the engine to prevent direct surface-to-surface contact. That prolongs engine life and avoids seizing.

Excellent performance. Ultra-long.
With its very low tendency of carbonizing, STIHL HP Ultra avoids oil residues and deposits in the engine housing, piston rod, exhaust valve and spark plugs. No more misfiring or jammed valves. The constant high efficiency of your high-performance engine is maintained for a very long time.

All Ultra green. Excellent.
STIHL HP Ultra has optimum self-mixing properties. The strong green color makes it easy to see the progress of mixing. STIHL HP Ultra can be used alternately with other two-stroke engine oils (please note the manufacturers' specifications).