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Square-D Homeline Combination CAFCI Circuit Breakers

Square-D Homeline Combination CAFCI Circuit Breakers

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Square-D Homeline Combination CAFCI Circuit Breakers
As low as $59.99
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Square-D Homeline Combination CAFCI Circuit Breakers

Our Square D brand Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) is designed to detect arcs that are caused by damaged, aged or improperly used wires or cords and to disconnect the power. In addition, they can also detect overloads and short circuits. Arc faults cannot be detected by standard circuit breakers or fuses and have been identified as an early event in the cause of many electrical fires. These electrical arcs may be as hot as 10,000°F and can easily ignite combustible materials located nearby such as wood frames, insulation,etc.

The Square D brand AFCIs will fit into our existing load centers and can be used as a direct replacement for standard Square D brand circuit breakers for remodeling or as direct installation items with the exception of ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI).

The 2008 National Electrical Code requires that combination AFCIs
be installed on all circuits that supply a dwelling unit living area. Arc
Faults can occur on any type of circuit where you may have wire that
has deteriorated insulation or has been damaged (such as during
pulling, service or installation) or in worn extension or appliance
cords. For more information, visit or
• UL Listed, CSA Approved

• 120/240 Vac

• 10,000 AIR