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SplatRBall Blaster Kit

SplatRBall Blaster Kit

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SplatRBall Blaster Kit
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SplatRBall Blaster Kit

Experience Full Auto like never before. Drum mag with 1,200 round capacity, 11 rounds per second with the SplatRBall®. SplatRBall® everything in your path with full auto 11 round per second water bead fire rate and a 1,200 round drum magazine! The SplatRBall® SRB1200 Full Auto Water Bead Gel Ball Blaster shoots up to 210 feet per second (fps) SplatRBall ammo. It has a drum magazine with 1,200 round capacity. Shoots Certified 7.5mm SplatRBall® water bead ammo at 11 rounds per second fire rate. It has an integrated LED blue light up bar on both sides!



FEATURES &  SPECIFICATIONS                                                                                             

•1,200 round drum magazine
•Detachable stock
• Rechargeable 7.4V 1800mAh battery with charging cable
•Up to 5,000 shots per battery charge
•Collapsible funnel for magazine quick loading
•Safety glasses and one water activated target.
•11 rounds per second 
•The water ball bead ammo hydrates in 4 hours and fragment on impact

*Please make sure you only use SplatRBall Certified Ammunition . Other brands or types of ammo might damage your blaster.*