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Southwire 6/2-8/1 Flat Range Cord - 50 Amp

Southwire 6/2-8/1 Flat Range Cord - 50 Amp

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Southwire 6/2-8/1 Flat Range Cord - 50 Amp
As low as $19.99
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3-Prong 50-Amp Range Appliance Cord

Standard Power Supply Cord for Electric Ranges

This replacement cord is perfect for new ranges that do not come with a power cord or if you simply need to replace your existing one. This SPACE SAVING flat design goes closely against the wall to minimize space.

The Southwire Dryer cord is heavy duty 6/2-8/1 copper wire and rated to support up to 125/250V 7500/15000W. All 3-prong range cords have HEAVY DUTY jackets and molded connectors. DURABLE reinforced blades help to prevent accidental bending or breaking of the prongs.

  • Nema 10-50P
  • 3 Wire Range Cord
  • Heavy Duty, 50 AMPs
  • Space Saving Flat Design
  • Durable Reinforced Blades
  • UL Listed