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Small Game Head, 100GR

Small Game Head, 100GR

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Small Game Head, 100GR
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Small Game Head, 100GR

The G5 Outdoors Small Game Head, is designed specifically for small game animals. Its unique nose and blade design provide a "shock and rip" action that stop small game in its tracks. The blunt tip provides the "shock" and the curved blades provide the "ripping" action that also prevent the arrow from burrowing under the sod. Perfect for hunting small game species with any type of bow (i.e. compound, recurve, crossbow), at any speed.



FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS                                                                                              

100% Steel Tough
100% Stainless Steel
100% Spin Tested
"Shock and Tear" Action
Cutting Diameter: 1 in
Grain: 100
Qty: 3
Type: Broadheads