Tree Stands

Tree Stands

When hunting season rolls around, make sure you have all the equipment necessary to bring down that trophy buck. And, tree stands are an essential part of staying out of sight, while giving you a better vantage point from which to draw a bead and fire.

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  1. HME Trail Marking Ribbon
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  2. Ameristep Grizzly Tree Step
    Ameristep Ameristep Grizzly Tree Step
  3. HME Products Tree Stand Cable Lock
    HME Products HME Products Tree Stand Cable Lock
  4. HME Products Folding Saw
    HME Products HME Products Folding Saw
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  6. Muddy Treestand Ratchet Strap
    Muddy Treestands Muddy Treestand Ratchet Strap
  7. HME 50 pack Metal Reflective Trail Marking Tacks
    HME Products HME 50 pack Metal Reflective Trail Marking Tacks
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Gain a Better Vantage Point in a Tree Stand

At L&M Fleet Supply, you can find the perfect tree stand for your needs – find products from top brands like Rivers Edge, Baronett and Northeast Products, and rack up more kills this year.

Different Types of Tree Stands for Your Hunting Needs

Portable tree stands come in three basic types: hang-on stands, climbing stands, and ladder stands.

  • Ladder stands include a ladder that attaches to the platform, providing quick and easy access to and from your look out. They don’t require the hunter to purchase an extra rope ladder or climb the tree to set up. Find convenience with a tree stand like the Rivers Edge Lockdown.
  • Hang-on stands are just the platform. Bands wrap around the tree, securing it in place. The hunter needs to figure out his own way to climb up. Bring along these hunting stands and set up wherever you find a nice tree to perch from. The Summit Viper line is one of the more popular options for those looking for a comfortable, safe hunting seat.
  • Tripod deer stands sit on the ground as their own stand-alone buildings. Yet another choice for avid hunters, this setup is nice in that you can position your deer stand anywhere you’d like, without the need of a nearby tree. Or, you can find permanent options, like this Rivers Edge Landmark 10-foot model, for instance, entirely of steel.


Is it better to use a tree stand or a hunting blind?

Using a ground blind allows you to set up wherever you find game, which gives you more choices as to hunting locations. However, a tree stand will almost completely shield your scent from deer, while providing you with a better vantage point from which to shoot.

How high should a hunting stand be?

The general rule of thumb is to place your hunting stand about 20 feet off the ground. This keeps you out of sight from wildlife, while not being so high that you could be seriously injured falling off.