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Outdoor Cooking & Grilling

Outdoor Cooking & Grilling

It’s grilling season, so stock up on everything you need to craft delicious cuisine at L&M Fleet Supply.

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  1. Weber Weber iGrill Mini
  2. Weber Weber iGrill 2
  3. Weber Weber Tool Hooks
  4. Weber Weber Char-Baskets
  5. Weber Weber Lighter Cubes
  6. MR BAR-B-Q MR BAR-B-Q Hose/Regulatory 21"
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Find The Outdoor Cooking & Grilling Supplies You Need

Find products from your favorite brands like Pit Boss, Char-Broil, Weber and many more, and perfect the outdoor cooking experience.

Grill The Perfect Dinner

From smoked meats that fall off the bone to classic grill staples like hotdogs and burgers, we supply you with all of the items that are essential to firing up delightful dinners. Take a look at some of our most popular grill options below:

Charcoal vs. Gas vs. Wood Grills

If you’re still having trouble deciding between a charcoal, gas or wood grill, here are the main considerations:

  • Thanks to easy-start convenience, gas grills like the Char-Broil Stainless Steel Grill are the most popular option for an outdoor cooking station.
  • Charcoal grills like the classic Weber Original Kettle are the most affordable, easy to transport and reach the hottest temperatures.
  • For a variety of flavors, wood-burning grills like the Pit Boss Wood Pellet Vertical Smoker give you plenty of options. Whether smoking or grilling, burn different woods to achieve different taste profiles.


What are the best grilling accessories?

Of course, a grill isn’t all you need to cook the most mouth-watering meal. Remember to include some of the following accessories:

  • Monitor the temperature of your grill and the internal temperature of food with a thermometer like the Weber iGrill 2, which alerts you when your meat is done.
  • Protect your investment by picking up a grill cover like this Universal-Fit Mr. Bar-B-Q Kettle Cover.
  • Make flipping burgers a breeze with a trusty set of grilling utensils such as a three-piece tool set featuring a spatula, tongs and fork.