When it comes to crafting a beautiful lawn and landscape, the proper equipment is essential. Find everything you need and more with a stop at any one of 10 L&M Fleet Supply locations across the upper midwest, or shop conveniently through our online store.

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  1. Corona ComfortGEL Bypass Pruner- 3/4"
    Corona Clipper Corona ComfortGEL Bypass Pruner- 3/4"
  2. Mattock Handle - 36in
    House Handle, Inc. Mattock Handle - 36in
  3. Square Post Hole Handle
    House Handle, Inc. Square Post Hole Handle
  4. Round Post Hole Handle
    House Handle, Inc. Round Post Hole Handle
  5. Post Maul Handle
    House Handle, Inc. Post Maul Handle
  6. Wheel Barrow Handle - 60in
    House Handle, Inc. Wheel Barrow Handle - 60in
  7. Snow Pusher Handle - 48in
    House Handle, Inc. Snow Pusher Handle - 48in
  8. Single Bit Shovel Handle W/ Shoulder - 48in
    House Handle, Inc. Single Bit Shovel Handle W/ Shoulder - 48in
  9. Railroad Pick Handle
    House Handle, Inc. Railroad Pick Handle
  10. Single Bit Axe Handle
    House Handle, Inc. Single Bit Axe Handle
  11. Carpenter Framing Handle - 16in
    House Handle, Inc. Carpenter Framing Handle - 16in
  12. Blacksmith Handles
    House Handle, Inc. Blacksmith Handles
    As low as $3.99
  13. File Handles
    House Handle, Inc. File Handles
    As low as $1.99
  14. Axe Eye Maul Handles
    House Handle, Inc. Axe Eye Maul Handles
    As low as $10.99
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Your Source for the Best Lawn Care Products

We carry the top names in lawn care, from Miracle Gro to Agri-Fab to Stanley and so many more. Plus, we’re the northland’s premier dealer of popular brands like Stihl, Cub Cadet and DeWalt.

Lawn Care Supplies For Every Need

This season, turn to L&M Fleet Supply for all of your lawn care needs. Browse the categories below to find the right tools for the job:

The Lawn Care Equipment Brands We Carry

L&M Fleet Supply carries the top brands in lawn care equipment and is the country’s largest independent Cub Cadet dealer. Look to any one of the following vendors to find the right option in features and affordability:


What other type of tools should I invest in for a better-looking lawn?

There are several items that can help grow a lush lawn – consider some of the options below to amplify your home’s curb appeal.

  • Fertilizer replenishes the vitamins and minerals your grass needs to look its best. You can’t go wrong with Scotts Turf Builder Triple-Action Fertilizer, also supplying 4,000 square foot of coverage.
  • Aerators are designed to drill holes into your soil, alleviating compacted air and water, and allowing nutrients to reach the grass roots. To breathe new life into your lawn, take a look at the Agri-Fab 40" Plug Aerator. With easy towability, you can save energy on manual labor.
  • Weed killer keeps harmful lawn infiltrations at bay. For a reliable option this summer, pick up a bottle of Ortho® WeedClear™ Ready-To-Spray.