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Wood Burning

Wood Burning

At L&M Fleet Supply, you will find the perfect item to fill out your interior space.

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  1. Drolet HT3000 Wood Stove
    Drolet Drolet HT3000 Wood Stove
  2. Drolet Escape 1500 Wood Stove
    Drolet Drolet Escape 1500 Wood Stove
  3. Ecofan AirMax Wood Stove Fan
    Caframo Ecofan AirMax Wood Stove Fan
    As low as $144.99
  4. Dayton PSC Blower
    W.W. Grainger Dayton PSC Blower
  5. Selkirk 6" Spark Arrestor
    Selkirk Selkirk 6" Spark Arrestor
  6. Mr. Heater Fire Bricks
    Mr. Heater Mr. Heater Fire Bricks
  7. Pleasant Hearth 40 in. Poker
    GHP Group Pleasant Hearth 40 in. Poker
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Heat Things Up With a Wood Burner

Maximize heating potential with one of our many Woodmaster wood boiler products, like the heavy-duty CleanFire 700 or the stylish CleanFire 500 in Copper. Or, set the mood with a wood-burning fireplace like the Drolet Escape 1500. For nights at the cabin, pick up a wood-burning stove like that's warm and welcoming such as this SmartStove from Summers Heat.

Types of Wood Burners

There are a number of different styles of wood burners that will keep you warm. Some are suited for larger spaces or the outdoors, while some are smaller and fit well into a living room, den or kitchen area.

  • Wood-burning furnace: Similar to traditional furnaces, these use fire to heat water that circulates through a system of pipes and radiates heat. For example, the Woodmaster 4400 Furnace can heat up a space on its own or be connected to a water source.
  • Small wood-burning stove: Traditionally made of cast-iron, these supply heat and are a great design addition.
  • Wood boiler: Get heavy-duty heat for home or industrial purposes. These are usually set-up outdoors and transfer heat to the interior.


What are some ideal wood-burning stove accessories?

Firestarter is a must-have for those windy, wet days or when you otherwise don’t want to spend time tending to the fire. Other nice-to-have wood-burner accessories include a log rack and easy heat pellets for pellet stoves.