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Farm & Pet

Farm & Pet

Whether you’re harvesting the year’s crops, making improvements to your property or trying to boost the health of your animals, head to L&M Fleet Supply and find all of the farm equipment you need in one place.

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  1. Agri-Fab Agri-Fab Push Spreader
  2. Land O Lakes Wood Preserving Land O Lakes Treated Norway Pointed Fence Post - 3.5"x7'
  3. Freeland Industries Freeland 150 Gallon Poly-tuf Plastic Stock Tank
  4. Freeland Industries Freeland Galvanized Pipe Top Sheep Tank
    As low as $119.99
  5. Freeland Industries Freeland 2 X 8 257 Gal Tank Galvanized Stock
  6. Imports Exclusive Imports Exclusive 22 inch Bird Bath
    As low as $24.88
  7. Niteize Inc. SpotLit Collar Light
    As low as $5.49
  8. Niteize Inc. Pack-A-Poo Dispenser & Refill Roll
  9. Niteize Inc. Petlit Collar Light
    As low as $4.99
  10. Niteize Inc. NiteHowl LED Safety Necklace
    As low as $9.99
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All Your Farm Equipment in One Place

We carry products from such brands as Zep, Iams, Carhartt, Field Tuff and many more.

We Carry the Farming Supplies You Need

When you’re ready to upgrade your farming supplies, stop by one of our 10 stores across the upper midwest or conveniently order through our online store. We’ll help make your job easier – take a look at some of our offerings below:

Give Your Animals the Best

Whether you’re searching for animal feed, health supplies, identification tools or something else, make sure your livestock and pets receive the best. Find what you need in a single spot at L&M Fleet Supply, and check one more thing off your list:

Looking for a Farm Supply Store Near You?

With 10 stores across the upper midwest and convenient delivery options through our online shop, choose L&M Fleet Supply for all of your farming and livestock needs. Visit our store locator page to find a physical location in your area.