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Selkirk MetalBestos 8" Ultra-Temp Wall Support Kit - 8T-WSK

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8T-WSK 208430
Selkirk MetalBestos 8" Ultra-Temp Wall Support Kit - 8T-WSK
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The Type HT Wall Support Kit has been tested for use fully enclosed and has been designed in 5", 6", 7" and 8" sizes to carry up to 60' of height. The capacity of the larger sizes, 10", 12" and 14", is 40' of chimney. The Wall Support is intended for use with the Insulated Tee as an interior or exterior support where the chimney has a lateral connection. It is also useful where the pipe connection passes through a combustible interior or exterior wall. Braces may be fastened to the wall either above or below the plate for chimneys which penetrate through the wall.

  • Part No. 8T-IT
  • Measures: 7-3⁄8" x 7-3⁄8" x 14-3⁄4"
  • Stainless Insulated Tee with Insulated Tee Cap - Type HT
  • Insulated Chimney Tee may be used to start chimneys indoors or outdoors using a Wall Support assembly or a masonry pier
  • A length of insulated chimney pipe is attached to the Tee snout, using a Locking Band to pass safely through combustible walls