32 OZ, Septic Tank Treatment, Anaerobic & Aerobic Spore-Bearing Bacteria With Aerobic Vegitative Bacterial Cells Selected, Conditioned & Cultured For Use In Septic Tanks, Continually Produces Enzymes Which Digest Protein Keeping Tank Contents Liquid & Prevent Over Accumulation Of Organic Waste, Resistant To Soaps & Detergents, Use One 32 OZ Bottle Per 500 Gallon Tank Capacity to Prevent Clogging For 1 Year, Certified Biodegradable By Scientific Certification Systems, Biodegradability Achieved In 10 Days.

  • Roebic Septic Tank Cleaner Treatment prevents clogging and build up. Use this regularly to keep your septic tank in excellent condition.
  • The K-37 septic tank treatment will stop messy back ups and excessive odors before they happen.
  • It easy to use, simply shake well and pour the entire contents of the bottle into your toilet and flush twice.
  • Use this twice a year, or as needed, to keep your tank running optimally. Roebic has been a trusted brand providing products to maintain septic tanks for the past 50 years.
  • Using this is a natural way to keep your system clean and it is safe for your pipes and for the environment.