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Red-Kote Aerosol Wound Dressing - 5oz

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Red-Kote Aerosol Wound Dressing - 5oz
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Red-Kote Aerosol Wound Dressing 

Developed during WWII under the name “Wound Heel,” Dr. Naylor’s Red-Kote has a new title but remains a staple among farmers, equestrians and pet owners. For fast, safe healing of lacerations, wire cuts, scratches, burns, chafes and other superficial wounds, thoroughly clean the wound area, and apply Red-Kote once or twice daily.

Red-Kote is non-drying, soothing, and softening, and stimulates new, healthy skin growth while discouraging scar tissue formation.


•   Treats dry scales, leg mites and scaly leg in chickens

•   Useful against proud flesh in horses

•   Helps to prevent white hair in healing wounds