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Pro-Grade Silhouette Decoys, 12 Pack

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Pro-Grade Silhouette Decoys, 12 Pack
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Pro-Grade Silhouette Decoys, 12 Pack

Pro Grade Canada Silhouette Decoys combine portability and durability into a highly effective and easy-to-deploy/store decoy system. Featuring attractive and unique postures with highly detailed photographic print to display lifelike movement and behavior. The matte-finish print absorbs light and reduces the risk of birds flaring from sun glare.


•Unmatched detail: Incredible, photographic detail for the most life-like appearance

•6 different poses for a realistic flock impression

•Rigid Durability: tough, pliable design constructed to stand the test of time

•Space-saving stackability for easy to handle, time-saving transport & tidy storage

•Quick-Set sturdy, everlasting, one-piece steel stake featuring an easy-grab handle, double-pronged base design to pierce and stand secure in any soil hardness.

•Interacting color contrasts & shape positions display the ultimate illusion of bird movement & behavior.