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Precision Products Handheld Broadcast Spreader

Precision Products Handheld Broadcast Spreader

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Precision Products Handheld Broadcast Spreader
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Smaller seed-spreading jobs are a snap with Precision’s Handheld Broadcast Spreader. Weighing just more than a pound, the heavy-duty-plastic spreader features an ergonomic handle and holds three pound of grass seed or 6 pounds of pelletized material. Suggested uses include seeding small areas, hills, uneven ground, and wet terrain that don’t suit a tow behind or push spreader. The hopper conveniently doubles as a scoop. Adjusting the flow is as simple as sliding a control, and smooth cranking of the plastic wheel on the side engages the spreader mechanism. Built of heavy-duty plastic for years of use, it comes fully assembled and ready to use — no need to reach for a wrench with this tough little yard tool.



  • Handheld broadcast spreader ideal for small lawns, hills, uneven ground or wet terrain
  • Scoop for easy filling and pouring of material; easy to operate with ergonomic hand grip and finger tip slide control
  • Heavy duty plastic body but light weight for easy handling
  • Hold 6-pound pelletized material or 3-pound grass seed
  • Spread pattern of 6' to 12'


11 x 9 x 9 inches